Month: November 2017

10 Simple Points to Consider When Choosing a Digital Signature Solution

There are 10 simple points to consider when choosing a digital signature solution for your business. While not all are obvious, they are decisive factors for the smooth implementation, administration and smooth use of this system, impacting on each aspect of your business procedures. To make sure a low total cost of ownership and a quick return on investment of your digital signature solution, read on.

Stamp Documents

This is the basic component of a true digital signature solution. Guarantees that the document is sealed against changes, either incidental or as a result of your network’s hacking at night.

Multiple Application Support

Lots of digital signature solutions just support PDF and Word applications, which can be sufficient support for a few. But if your business needs to log in digitally to additional programs like Excel, AutoCAD and web applications, this kind of solution will fall short of your wants.

Graphical Signatures

Graphical signatures of the ordinary applications that have the digital signature capability, often all lack graphic signature support. This is an important deficiency. The graphical signatures confirm that the signature is noticed and has a psychological impact. The signatory is reassured who has signed the document is confirmed and is legally compatible.

Multiple Signatures

Several digital signature solutions do not allow changing the document if the signature is applied. This is great in terms of sealing the document, but it is problematic if the technology prevents more users from adding their necessary signatures to the document as well.

Zero IT Administration

Keep in mind that the time to implement a system is usually extensive and consumes a lot of resources. IT staff can spend weeks each year managing the certain digital signature solution. Besides, the company can choose to employ another staff member to manage the task or implement an assistance service only to make sure that users can sign their documents. Read more.


Every regulation has its individual certain requirements related to electronic documents. As an example, the FDA 21 CFR Part 11 regulation for the pharmaceutical market has several requirements that most digital signature solutions do not meet.


Do you need your partners or customers to be able to validate the files you have electronically signed? This apparently trivial task is not so trivial whatever. Not all digital signatures can be transportable outside of your business. Digital signature technology is not always integrated into your document.

User Registration without Problems

The implementation of your digital signature solution should be as simple as possible. Confirm that at the time the solution is implemented, the staff in your business can start signing documents digitally without having to start a wizard to sign up or call the IT department for assistance.

Easy to Use

Make sure to select a system that is just simple to use. You do not want the staff to run a wizard application when they load the signature application on their PC and then each time you want to sign a document. The participation of IT staff should be kept to a least.

Total Cost of Ownership

Not everybody considers TCO when buying a digital signature solution. But to make sure you do not pay too much in the long term, consider the following costs: initial product cost, implementation, help desk, digital certificates and support development for the application you are going to sign with.

Finally, the key is to understand and choose a right digital signature solution to reduce the hassles and routine delays. From the precision of the way to the timely delivery, and from a fast ROI to a customer-friendly approach, your digital signature solution allows you to get the extreme benefits, given you have the right one with you. For more information visit:

How To Make Your Business Stand Out


Finding your business’s place in the current economic society can be incredibly difficult. This is especially true when it comes to making the most out of your business, and doing things right from the start. According to studies, it has been said that most businesses fail within the first two years. While this can definitely be a hard thing to swallow, especially for brand new business owners, it’s actually important that this is understood so that you understand the importance of the doing as well as you can as fast as you can. There are many steps involved, so it’s important that you get started as early as you can in your venture.

First and foremost, you should focus on your financials. It’s always incredibly important that you have great credit, have debt paid off, and are not using too much of your own income into creating your business without a return. This is the main objective when it comes to starting a business, so you want to be sure that you have all your bases covered. And this isn’t just standard businesses. This is all businesses or freelance workers, including artists that are dealing with their own finances. This is incredibly important creating a concrete foundation. But, it’s not over yet if you got off on a rocky start. If you need to, or you don’t know where to turn, there is no shame in talking to a trusted financial advisor, and it could save your business in the long run.

The next thing you should concentrate on, after you have your foundation laid with a sturdy financial backing, is your customer base. When it comes to advertising to the right people, website design, building design, and more, it’s incredibly important to make sure that you’re thinking of your target market. Your target market is defined as the demographic in which your business will more than likely be selling to. Although you may be selling to the general public, most of the time, you will have a target demographic. You will be familiar with these if you do any actual advertisement on social media, or if you have to decide if the morning newspaper is really where you should be spending your advertising money. Once you have the target market figured out, you will definitely want to make sure that you are advertising to the right communities with everything that you do when it comes to advertising. This can go from the way you decorate your website, to the places where you advertise. Doing some preliminary research on advertising and making sure that your business has it’s own style can really take you a long way when it comes to making an impression on a community.

Lastly, you should be genuine in your convictions and with your communication with both your business partners, workers, and of course, your customers. This can go a long way when it comes to making sure that you have loyal customers and employees that generally have a good opinion of their employer. These days, people care about who they do business with, and what kind of morals and the kind of people they are. This is important in understanding what it takes to stay a successful company and really make an impression on a community. Treating people like people is something that is often taken for granted, especially in the business world. 1800flowers is a great way to show your appreciation to the people who help you become successful, so take the step and do well for your company and you.